Our e-Tender/e-Procurement Application at Galance

View Nepal is glad to present this e-Tender/e-Procurement software. e-Tender/e-Procurement is an online tendering service for different users. Buyers can “Post” tenders in any of different categories in order to obtain quotations from a range building product providers, services providers, trades people, designers and planners etc. This is a fully automated service where the buyers (owner) and suppliers deal directly with each other. This website simply facilitates and manages the tender and procurement process in a simple manner for all users.
Buyers and suppliers can manage the entire tender and procurement process using our Online based Application in their personal e-tender/e-Procurement account. It also cuts down on the public sectors biggest tender processing costs advertising, preparing, printing and disseminating tender documents, and then processing bids both in terms of money and time.

 The Project is divided into 2 Sections

Section 1: Back Office System (Admin Module)

A comprehensive set of administrative tools for framework and project-based contracts enables users to control document management, workflow planning, contract variations, interim payments and contract security levels, allowing you to focus on the strategic management of contracts.

Admin Module will include the following features:

  1. Member Management:
    The members of the site are managed under this section. Admin should be able to deactivate and block the members. New members must register first to login.
  • View /Edit Members Detail
  • Delete Members Details
  • View Members History
  1. Login /Forget Password Management
  2. Content Management:
    From this section, admin should be able to edit the content of the different sections of the site. A WYSIWYG editor will be provided to edit the detail of the content. Admin can also add the content page to left, right or top position of the website.
  3. Tenders/procurements Notices and Amendment Notices Management
  4. Help and Support Management:
    The complete guidance in the main tender page helps to handle the manually time-consuming process with details steps.
  5. Process Management:
    Workflow functionality which routes documents to appropriate people or alerts individuals of actions in the system
    * Flexibility of process – Accommodates various tendering formats and requirements.
  6. Bidding Management
  7. Data Management:
    * Globalization – Multi-currency for complex international tenders/procurements
    * Integrity – Ability to maintain the flow of data through the system from source to destination, and record exceptions.
    * Archiving – Capability to archive and retain data to enable recall and analysis.
  8. Security Management:
    Initiatives have been undertaken that make our e-Tendering/e-Procurement process completely secure. The solution has inbuilt security measures that ensure safe data transmission using digital certificates, digital signatures and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
    * Security – Ability to restrict unauthorized access to data and functions held within the system during all stages of the tender lifecycle.
    * Confidentiality – Provision of role and/or time based access to data held within the system.
    * Authentication & non-repudiation – Capability of the system to identify and authenticate user entities to negate activity denials.
    * Audit trails – The solution essentially carries date and time stamp features to provide a trail of systemic activities by users.
  9. Supplier recruitment and approval
  10. Preparation of expenditure management information
  11. Award and Contract Management
  12. Advertisement Management
  13. Account/Transaction Management
  14. Email/Newsletter processing

Section 2: Customer Section (Client Module)

The Proposed System site would be developed using Database driven principle. This means that content is stored in database instead to be hard coded in page. It means that each kind of browser should get information in the form that matches to its functionality and design.

UI design will be professional and interesting for the users, simple yet packed with functionality that can be intuitively accessed.

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Contact Us
  4. Member Registration
  5. How It Works
  6. The creation of and approval of purchase requisitions
  7. Pre-qualification and selection of vendors
  8. Publication of tender and procurement documents
  9. Bid submission
  10. Opening bids and bid evaluation
  11. Placement of contract within a secure environment
  12. Buyers are able to place bids using different means.
  13. The client sets the minimum bid and sets the time limit to “claim price”.
  14. My Account
  15. Online and traditional mode payment
  16. Help
  17. Automatic Mailing System
  18.  Newsletter Publication

Main Features:

  1. Buyers register and login to their e-tender/e-procurement.ie account. Here they can post a tender for any particular building product or service they require. Posting a tender involves filling in forms specific to that building sector and uploading the relevant documentation for their tender.
  2. The website then emails relevant suppliers about the tender and asks them if they would like to “Apply” for the tender. If they wish to apply for the tender the suppliers are given access to all the tender information and documentation
  3. Suppliers then formulate detailed quotations specific to the buyers requirements and either: posts/emails the quotations to the buyers or simply upload the quotation to the buyers eTender.ie account. Supplier which will quote smallest amount will win the tender.
  4.  Buyers can then make an informed decision on the product/service that best suits their needs.
  5. On that date representatives of the particular bidder will be present and we will open the tender and award to the lowest bidding one.


Technical Proposal:

The proposed system has three tier architecture based on Windows platform. MySQL is proposed as the back-end database server. MySQL has been chose for its robust platform, security and extensive connectivity. PHP has been proposed for server side script for its scalability, performance and support by wide range of operating systems. The proposed system will have the following features because of the selected technologies:

Great performance due to choice of tightly integrated products.

 1. Easy to maintain and update.

2. Supported by commercial vendors as well and volunteers.

3. High level of security

4. Economic

5. Application Development Platform




PHP with MySQL

This is the most popular language used for server-side scripting and development of dynamic web pages. It has many advantages like speed, security, manageability, support of mobile technology. The development architecture is based on the latest technology and is highly scalable and it supports the requirements for the distributed computing and internet mode of data sharing.

 Programming Model:

Object Oriented System Design

This design allows easy integration of new modules that can be added progressively. The model is also optimized in developing applications from various points simultaneously.

Database Server:

These servers support the internet mode of data sharing and load balancing as a built in feature.

Other Tools & Technologies:

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
To enhance the on-screen presentation and readability of the contents, CSS will be abundantly used.

Development Team:

The development team consists of:

  • Web 2.0 Designer (Xhtml pages, CSS/DIV)
  • System Analyst
  • HTML and JavaScript Coder
  • PHP Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • A Team


Time Analysis:

This time estimation is based on given requirements. The time estimated will change if there goes major changes then stated. We normally take 4 weeks to complete the project.


The cost is as per your requirements.

For more information about the project:

Please fill out the online enquiry form to get proposal/quotation, or send an e-mail to nishuroka@viewnepal.net

 Recently our e-Tender/e-Procurement valuable customers are:

  • The Lutheran World Federation ” Nepal (LWF Nepal)
  •  Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs