An explosive growth of internet usage has been seen over the years. The rise of Web designing technologies has come in the wake of high internet usage. The development of Web designing has been rapid since the turn of the century.

Fresh website designing trends are eyed by every Web design and development company in Nepal to make browsing safe and secure. Trends2018 are as follows:

Flat Design

Every Web development company has noted the growing acceptance of Flat Design of a site. 2018 saw many sites designed using the technique – Flat Design. Many technological giants – Google, Microsoft and Apple – have already adopted this fresh designing trend. A few companies are shifting from flash website design development to Flat Design because the latter improves user experience. A smooth browsing experience is important for any online business to experience overwhelming traffic.

Single page website

Websites having a single page are inundated with visitors. A single page site has a long scrolling page. Internet sites having a single page are proverbial because they are convenient to access even on mobile devices. Such design trend is popular whenever the site’s target audience is mobile devices users. A mobile website having a single page helps device users not visit several pages on such small-screen gadgets.

While working on a single page website, the designers must use high-quality content, creative graphics and video(s) as well. Before designing such a site, the designers must execute an exhaustive UX test.

Responsive Web designing

Having a responsive site is significant for improving the online sales for many businesses. In 2018, many companies have designed websites that are compatible for several mobile platforms. Increasing use of Smartphone and tablets has motivated many businesses to build responsive designing. Sites having responsive Web design identify the device and reformat pages as per the gadget’s screen resolution.

Typography rules

At present, designers focus on making sites look appealing. For such a purpose, the designers prefer using customized fonts such as Google Fonts. Too much of everything is bad: Using different font styles on a single site can make it hard on the eyes. Consistency always rules.

CCS3, HTML 5 and JavaScript

Using Flash plug-ins to make a website attractive was a thing of the past. Presently, the use of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in can help make a website alluring. With the Microsoft plug-in, many designers use different Web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CCS3. A page designed using these technologies can be easily detected by crawlers.

Large image backgrounds

More and more cutting-edge pages flaunt large images in their backgrounds. This, however, was not true a couple of years back because of slow- speed internet. Thanks to the advent of high-speed internet, pages having huge images are easy to load and appealing to view.

The first half of 2018 has witnessed new trends in Web designing. First, six months of 2018 saw acknowledgment of creative and technical aspects of Web designing. The new Web designing trends help offer a hassle-free browsing experience.